Books I Love

My love of reading began as a child when I would sit in my room for hours trying to finish Nancy Drew books.  These days I don’t have a lot of time to spend with books, so it takes me longer than usual to get through them.  However, these are some of my favorites.

1. The Bookseller of Kabul by Asne Seierstad

This book is totally fascinating.  It describes one woman’s journey to Afghanistan where she lives with the family of a bookseller.  Not knowing much about this country or it’s culture, I was able to peek inside the life of a simple bookseller and his family as they try to make it in a country torn by war and religion.

2.  The World Made Straight:  A Novel by Ron Rash

Ron Rash has to be my all-time favorite author.  All of his books are set in the Appalachian Mountains of the South and each book brings me back to my roots and to the simple life of taking things slow and enjoying what’s around us.


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