Heading Out.

As I sit here enjoying my coffee and cereal while waiting for the hubs to get out of bed so we can start packing, I stumbled across this article on CNN:


It’s talks about 5 reasons why one should be a vegetarian.  This is an age-old debate in my mind but somehow the meat-eating side always wins.  Trust me, I’ve done a ton of research and the evidence is pretty convincing for the vegetarian.  However, I’ve gotten pretty darn good at dissociating this research from my thoughts when eating meat!

I think part of it is growing up in the South where eating is “what” you do for fun, and in my family (and most others) the meat is usually the center-piece of the meal…In addition, the husband, being also from the South, grew up with a family of hunters.  And this is his favorite hobby!  Of course, he hunts ethically, and we keep all of the meat.

To be honest, I’m not a huge meat-eater.  I do like steak, and I love some pepperoni’s on my pizza.  But chicken isn’t my favorite or other types of pork.  All in all, meat compromises maybe 15% of my diet.

This article was just interesting to me because the author does a good job of defending vegetarianism.    I wish I could say, “yes, I’m ready to change!” however, as we would put it in therapists-terms, I am still in the contemplative state of change :). The good news is that my vegetable intake is on the increase, so I’m definitely on the right track.

Well, these were my early morning thoughts today!  Kind of random, but that’s okay.

Now, I must go wake up my man….wish me luck!

Check out pictures of Quechee Gorge:

Hopefully the leaves will be vibrant!

Talk to ya in VT!


About journeytobodyzen

Hi! I a girl approaching the big 3-0 who is on a search to find zen for my body. Being busy all the time (full time job, full time grad student, and juggling an internship!) I have limited time to exercise and even less time to prepare nutritional meals. However, I figure a blog will keep me accountable and help me to make some much needed changes in my life! I hope I can bring some tips to help other busy folks as well. Enjoy!
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One Response to Heading Out.

  1. Sava says:

    Theres a good, solid set of reasons for why you should be vegan, too.
    ::wink wink, hint hint::

    But seriously, the best thing you can do is eat in a way that makes you feel good. Physically, mentally, ethically, etc. Even if that includes eating a burger now and then.

    And I don’t mean ‘feel good’ as in the way you feel when you eat a big fat slice of chocolate cake, but how you feel in the long run, when your body feels happier and you have a strong nutritional foundation to grow on 🙂

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