My First Yoga Class

Hi!  Yesterday I attended my first Yoga class.  It was a beginner class, and although I consider myself a little more advanced, it was still a great class!

The class I attended was FREE!  I like free!  It was taught by a student-in-training, and she did a great job :).

Today my husband and I are celebrating our 2nd anniversary.  We are going out for a yummy lunch (I’ll be sure to post pics!).

But first, I must run.  After Friday’s run I am a bit nervous, but I’m hoping for the best!


About journeytobodyzen

Hi! I a girl approaching the big 3-0 who is on a search to find zen for my body. Being busy all the time (full time job, full time grad student, and juggling an internship!) I have limited time to exercise and even less time to prepare nutritional meals. However, I figure a blog will keep me accountable and help me to make some much needed changes in my life! I hope I can bring some tips to help other busy folks as well. Enjoy!
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