Finally Friday

Good afternoon,

Today has been a good day.  Peanut butter toast for breakfast.

Then some tuna salad made with Eden Organic Vegetable Shells.

Sorry, didn’t have time to put it on a pretty plate for the pic!  It was very filling.

Dessert was the BEST!  Lindt Intense Mint Dark Chocolate….I snacked on 3 squares, being sure to save some for tomorrow.

Dinner will be organic burgers and sweet potato fries.

Being from Georgia (and now living in NH), I’m really looking forward to watching the GA/SC game tomorrow on tv.  Any sports fans out there?  If so, what’s your favorite tailgating/game food?


About journeytobodyzen

Hi! I a girl approaching the big 3-0 who is on a search to find zen for my body. Being busy all the time (full time job, full time grad student, and juggling an internship!) I have limited time to exercise and even less time to prepare nutritional meals. However, I figure a blog will keep me accountable and help me to make some much needed changes in my life! I hope I can bring some tips to help other busy folks as well. Enjoy!
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One Response to Finally Friday

  1. Sava says:

    I had sweet potato chips for dinner!

    Great minds think alike? 🙂

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