What a day…

…wow, this day has been filled with surprises.

Surprise #1:  I wrote the wrong paper for my class tonight.

Yep, this paper that I did well ahead of time in order to be prepared is actually due next week, while another paper is due tonight.  So I have been frantically typing it up! I feel like a big mess right now!

Surprise #2:  There are no ripe tomatoes in my house.

Since I’ve been crazy busy all day, I’ve overindulged on Teddy Grahams, macaroni spaghetti, and a hot dog!  =not good!  I was hoping to throw at least one veggie in there and counting on a ripe tomato to do the trick.  They are all still green 😦

Surprise #3:  Hubby broke his phone.  Very. Frustrating.

So, at this point all I can do is try some yoga to make me feel less guilty about the tremendous carbs eaten today, and then head to class and make the most of it! Think positive!



About journeytobodyzen

Hi! I a girl approaching the big 3-0 who is on a search to find zen for my body. Being busy all the time (full time job, full time grad student, and juggling an internship!) I have limited time to exercise and even less time to prepare nutritional meals. However, I figure a blog will keep me accountable and help me to make some much needed changes in my life! I hope I can bring some tips to help other busy folks as well. Enjoy!
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2 Responses to What a day…

  1. Sava says:

    I believe this post warrants a quote from OhSheGlows:
    Some days are going to truly suck. There is nothing you can do about this and it is perfectly normal.

    🙂 Tomorrow will be better.

  2. Mgoh says:


    Yes, yoga does help and things will get better 🙂 it’s just one of those days!!!

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